Anche quest’anno, come ormai tradizione consolidata che dura dal 2000, il nostro Club ha assegnato i Millenium Leonberger Awards per il 2013.
Questo premio ha assunto internazionalmente una valenza di grande prestigio e coloro che lo ricevono e che vengono nominati l’anno precedente in occasione del raduno di Leonberg sono invitati a ritirarlo in occasione del Campionato Sociale dell’anno di assegnazione. Per il 2013 l’assegnazione avverrà la sera del prossimo 27 aprile nel corso dell’annuale cena sociale.
Pubblichiamo i nominativi e le motivazioni (in inglese vista l’internazionalità del premio).


Since 1966 I came in contact with the Leonberger and learned more about the breed when in 1969 I met Metha, my present wife. Step by step I got more and more involved in the Cynology. During a long period I was the secretary of the Dutch Leonberger Club and since 1977 I am active in the “Rasgroep Dogachtigen ” (Group of Molosser Dogs). In 2003 I was offered the honorary membership of the Dutch Club. I am bearer of the golden badge from the “Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland” and the German Leonberger Club. At this moment I am the secretary of the International Leonberger Union.


SNatalia Romanova is vice-president of the Russian Leonberger Club for 7 years and owner of Rua Soleil kennel circa 2003, which is up to date the most awarded leonberger kennel in Russia, Best kennel in the Russian Leonberger Club in 2009, 2010, 2012.
Over these years she owned  and bred several breed Champions all over Europe.
Based on the annual show results of the dogs, born with the kennel prefix, we we selected among 10 Top-breeders of the Russian Kinological Federation (among all breeds) in 2011.
She is proud to build her breeding on the best blood lines rooting from the top European breeders, most importantly,  from Italy.

She has translated and published in Russia Dr. G. Perosino’s book The Leonberger, which is the only breed related publication in Russia.

Natalia, being graduated with honors in economics and successfully developing her business carrier, also is certified professional in cynology and FCI judge.


Caroline Bliss-Isberg. PhD has lived and loved Leonbergers for more than twenty-five years. A frequent contributor to the LeoLetter, founder of the LeoList, chairperson of the 1997 National Specialty in Monterey, former President of the Leonberger Club of America and U.S. delegate to the International Leonberger Union. She was instrumental in shepherding the Leonberger community North America from a tiny club in its kinder schuen (baby shoes) to a membership of over 1000 devotees. Through education and example she helped establish a unique dog-club culture that is more about mentoring others with revelry and respect rather than rivalry. Passionate about breed health, Caroline is a member of the Board of Directors of the Leonberger Health Foundation.

Since retiring from her lifelong work with disabled children and adults, she has devoted her time to ferreting out the details of the rich history of the Leonberger in North America from its roots in Germany through its unique journey into so many of today’s hearts and lives. Her research and interest in breed health brought the realization that between 1840 and today the field of genetics and the Leonberger were born and have grown up together. As a companion to her work on the breed has a whole, she has chronicled the intertwined relationship of the breed and the science responsible for its existence. God willing, both chronicles will be available to the Leonberger community this year.

She is a recipient of the Heinrich Essig Award and the Leo Heart Award. She is pictured here with True (A True Blue Leo v. Paradis Tahl), a great-grandson of her first Leonberger Temi (Artemis v. Plaumentahl).